Ugetsu Monogutari (tales of moonlight and rain)

  • 149 seconds of logos!
  • Judigecki
  • Opening is like a Japanese scroll, but the camera is looking right to left, showing backwards ways.
  • Peaceful landscapes metaphorically show the peace of the time, before they get greedy.
  • Camera shows the work cabin before the characters, suggesting it as a plot device.
  • The gun shots are in direct conflict with the peaceful setting, making it all the more shocking.
  • “quick profits in war are as easy gone as won, the more you earn the greedier you get”
  • the happiness and urgency she has with the return if her husband informs the concept ‘good wife, wise mother’
  • Low contrast shows how confused the characters are at this moment in time.
  • High key showing the prosperous nature of the time.
  • He can become a samurai if he has armour – strong capitalist message – you can achieve your dreams if you have the materialistic wealth.
  • There is already a strong conflict between capitalist materialism, and socialism, between the men and their wives, with the wives getting advice like “money earned in war are as easy gone as won, the more you earn the greedier you get”, and the men getting told that he needs armour to become a samurai.
  • Really high contrast low key lighting showing him getting consumed by his dreams.
  • Is he special needs?
  • They start off as a happy family, and he starts ignoring them when he starts focusing on capitalism.
  • When they put the new clothes on, they say “aren’t you happy now” like the materialism is making them happy.
  • “its not because of the kindness of the Kimono that i am happy, but for the kindness of your heart that i am happy”.
  • “I do not wish for anything more than to always have you by my side” a wish that is not for-filled as she dies before the end.
  • His wife tells him to “give up now” because they “have enough money”, which is what he learns to do by the end of the film.
  • The lighting is studio lighting, lit above the wife giving her the otherworldly appearance of an angel, which will conflict with the appearance of his other wife, later in the film who is a daemon.
  • he needs his wife to help him make his profit, by turning the wheel – woman supports, and is neccicairy to the man.
  • the cinematography is like a portrait no changes in angles, some movement side to side though.
  • “Without our husbands we wont survive”
  • the lake is non naturalistically looking with fog covering up everywhere stopping the rest of the lake from being seen.
  • The city is high key lighting
  • her hat is dark, showing the daemon look.
  • he still cares about his wife, even though he is more concerned with profit – do they come hand in hand, does his need for profit stem from his love of his wife, and his need to take care of her.
  • there is a shot of the house burnt up, them a refilling shot of it clean.
  • black hair, like a cat, and a devil.
  • she takes up most of the frame, and covers him over, showing her power over him.
  • she physically drags him down to her level.
  • Even a powerful woman like her, dances for the amusement of the men (whipped geez, and her father).
  • The same voice thing happens to her father, happens to the voice of all the dead people.
  • The old lady is baaaare creepy fam.
  • There seems to be a spotlight effect over the man when he sleeps in the haunted house.
  • She is always lit in high key.
  • “even if you were a daemon, i would never let you go”.
  • Suggestive violence.
  • Theme of opitunism – the characters are opportunistic.
  • “let us return to my kingdom” – she means death.

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